How To Design Your Deck Landscape for a Backyard

Decks provide a great usable outdoor living ambiance for your household.

Not only does it earn you bragging rights from friends and neighbors, but also earns you a place for rest and relaxation.

How To Design Your Deck Landscape for a Backyard

Decks can be made as basic as a grade-level platform that can independently stand a few inches atop the ground or it can be designed as sophisticated as multi-leveled structures with steps, railings, pergolas, and optionally integrated features like tables, benches, and hot tubs.

Now, how do you design a deck landscape? As an average Joe and novice in woodwork, you are probably lost at this phase of the process?

Designing a deck requires an understanding of the dynamics of a deck combined with the skill set and experience of a professional woodworker.

Nevertheless, you should not immediately resort to hiring specialists to do it for you.

Given the needed materials, you can learn and master the art of designing and building a deck from the ground up.

Sure it’ll take some time, but it will also spare you a great amount of savings.

Here are tips to keep in mind when designing your deck:

So let’s dive into it.

Determine your needs

How To Design Your Deck Landscape for a Backyard

  • Are you planning to design a deck intended for outdoor dining or entertainment?
  • Perhaps simply take advantage of the wondrous ambiance and view of a lake, river, or beach?
  • Will you require integrated seats?
  • How many will you need?
  • Are you planning to install a hot tub within the usable space?
  • Do you need shade to block the heat during warm months of the year?
  • What type of shade will you need?

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Deck space

How To Design Your Deck Landscape for a Backyard

Where do you plan on installing the deck landscape? This is an important part of your plan.

Without good and adequate deck space, you cannot maximize the luxuries of your deck.

Outdoor living spaces are typically built off of living rooms, kitchens, or family entertainment facilities to optimize usage.

As mentioned earlier, you should consider shade and sun exposure when it comes to the placement of your deck.

For example, in New York City, a deck installed on the west or south facing the home laterally will amplify the warmth of the sun.

Consider surrounding elements

How To Design Your Deck Landscape for a Backyard

A deck without any accessory items like trees, plants, or flowers won’t really stand out and will simply look like assembled planks of wood.

Aside from trees, flowers, and plants, you can also work on the color of the deck.

Painting your deck landscape can be a great way to improve the design and overall appearance of the area.

Choose a color that best complements your style.

When considering a landscape design, scheduling a consultation with an expert in the field is a necessity.

Around Deck Landscape Design Ideas

Watch this video of beautiful collection deck landscape design ideas that can help you to get some inspiration.

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